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My thoughts on the death of Eric Garner

Since everyone else is throwing in their 2 cents, why not me?

I posted this in a thread on a certain message board-that-shall-not-be-named, but I think it sums up my feelings pretty well on the matter. I’ve also included some additional comments below made by other commenters that add some clarity to the issue, IMHO.


“Not on the police’s side with this one, although [LE board member] makes some valid points I will reuse to play devil’s advocate/troll my liberal friends. I think the whole thing goes down a little too fast to honestly call it resisting in my not-a-cop opinion. I totally buy that they didn’t mean to kill this dude, but the default response for someone who doesn’t want to go to jail for selling loosies shouldn’t be to go hands-on after 2 seconds of deliberation. This would be equally fucked up if it happened to a white guy, but I doubt everyone would be up in arms over that. This fits the current narrative too well to be ignored or judged on it’s own merits after Ferguson.

I haven’t been following the case at all, so maybe someone else can clear this up for me; have there been any statements made, or perhaps any sort of prior complaints about the officers involved to make anyone think this was racially motivated? Or is it just the usual hippie response when anything happens between white cops and someone with skin tones from the other end of the crayon box = “SEE! THE SYSTEM IS RACIST, MAN!”

It seems like just regular old injustice to me, barring some comment I’m missing where a LEO clearly says to “choke the black one.” I think this whole thing sucks, but I’m sick of the media/hippie commentators injecting a racial element to everything when this seems like a run-of-the-mill incident of cops responding poorly while trying to enforce a shitty, stupid law, with extra unfortunate consequences this time.

It’s unjust because of what actually happened, not because of some imagined racial angle.”

LE dude:

“Officers prior complaints mean nothing unless it is exactly the same situation, and by that I mean literally exactly the same.

If this cop is accused of choking another large black man to death over loosys, he is going to jail. But the chance of that is about as high as a Republican NY mayor.”

LE dude, again:

“If an officer works in a black area and arrests black people who he may have to rough up during an arrest, eventually he will look, solely from the angle of his IA record, to be a jack booted racist. Where in reality that doesnt hold water in court, never has, never will.”

Another guy:

“I’d really not have much issue with this at all if it was a more clear cut case of resisting. If the determination has been made that someone is getting arrested, and they resist, there’s really not any other option than to force them to comply. And if, in the course of the ensuing struggle, someone winds up dead from a combination of stress and pre-existing medical conditions, well…that sucks but it’s not really anyone’s fault. But you have to give them a chance to resist before you go hands on for resisting.

I don’t see how this is a racial thing though, and it bothers me enough that it’s being used that way that it’s really tempting to just use that as an excuse to automatically support the cops side. Have to remind myself that this is a separate issue, and the dead man is not responsible for the manner in which opportunists decide to dance in his blood.”


Sunday Leftovers

From down in Tucson comes this report of a cop coming under fire from a BG armed with a cutdown Mosin (AKA an Obrez).

The office in question “could not get to the rifle in his trunk* so he fired his handgun and was able to kill the man from about 65 feet away.” Nice pistol shooting, although the report does not say how many shots were fired in total. The ear witness interviewed in the story accounts for around fourteen, but does not differentiate between shots fired by the perp and those from the LEO. This also does not tell us how many times the shitbag was hit before assuming room temperature.

This shooting seems notable to me for two reasons:

1) The range of the shooting was beyond the FBI statistical magic number of seven yards.

2) Bad guy used a really stupid weapon, one described by the news (the station is called KGUN, not making this up) as “a rifle made for the military… a powerful military rifle of a type the Soviets used to use… design is about 120 years old but it fires a bigger bullet than the modern M-16.” And of course the kicker, “Police say their officer faced one sawed down to have a short barrel and stock.”

So far (knock on wood) no one has picked up on this incident as a reason to crack down on SBR ownership, or connected the “Obrez pistol” to other workarounds/BATFE troll bait like the SB-15 “stabilizing brace.” Who wants to bet this guy didn’t pay the applicable NFA taxes anyway? Or maybe he cut and rewelded the receiver to make it all on the legal up-and-up…

In any case, this image came up way too easily during a Google search for “Obrez Mosin Nagant,” and seems representative of the outside interests of those who think a sawed-off milsurp is a fitting weapon for anyone other than turn-of-the-last-century Cossacks or present-day Somali pirates

*Another article describes that the officer had turned his car around to face away from the suspect when the cruiser began receiving fire.

Saturday Link Dump

1) From Last Stand on Zombie Island comes this video of Russian teens practicing assembly/disassembly of AKs for a school “Patriot” contest:

FWIW, this makes me really want an AK to play with.

2) From the AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 channel on YouTube, we get another interesting AK video on how to fire in “Emergency Mode,” sans dust cover, recoil spring, etc.

It’s nice to see that at least some Spetznaz dudes pay lip service to safety issues and PPE (insert still of Sonny Puzikas dual-wielding at right angles).

3) The Firearm Blog has an interesting piece going into some detail on the painful phenomenon known as “Garand Thumb.”

Like Laika, Comrade sacrificed himself for Science!

4) Kyle Defoor auctioned off his handbuilt BCM AR today to benefit the Elder Heart charity organization. Looks like the winner paid $15k even for it, which seems like a steal. Hope he saved some cash for an optic and sling.

5) Since it’s already been trumpeted all over the gunblogosphere this week, I feel obligated to include the link to a Sheepdog(TM) who was relieved of his shiny new toy by some guy who was less than impressed by his Openly Carried P22. One detail that I feel has been overlooked is how helpful the victim’s description of his assailant’s weapon should prove to investigators:

“The weapon he used in the robbery was described as a possibly semi-automatic, black gun.” – THE NEWS

Well, that oughta help narrow it down.

6) How competent, benevolent, and not at all corrupt governments can waste half a billion dollars in aid this week:

Exhibit A – The Air Force is under investigation into why the Defense Logistics Agency recently destroyed $486 million worth of aircraft (16x C-27s) provided for the Afghan government. The return on that particular investment? $32,000 worth of scrap metal.

Net loss for those keeping score at home = $485,968,000.00

Exhibit B – Meanwhile in Sierra Leone, a CONEX containing “100 bags and boxes of hospital linens, 100 cases of protective suits, 80 cases of face masks and other items — in all, more than $140,000 worth of medical equipment” donated for the Ebola crisis (the ongoing one you may have heard about with a 4,000+ death toll worldwide) has sat rotting on the docks for two months because the shipper “expected the shipping fee of $6,500 would be a small detail for Sierra Leone.”

According to the official, the government has already received well over $40 million in cash from international donors to fight Ebola.

The shipping company, as a good-will gesture in a moment of crisis, had agreed to send the goods without being paid first…

Instead, top government officials argued over the fee, said that the proper procedures had not been followed, and finally brushed aside the official urging that the supplies be let in, saying they wanted to hear nothing more about it.

Ibrahim Kamara, a Sierra Leonean in Canada who has put together what he says is a $55,000 container of medical supplies, said that he was now encountering the same problems with the government — an unwillingness to pay the $5,000 shipping fee.

It just goes on like this, in pathetic fashion, for well over a thousand words. Please do read the whole thing.

7) Okay, so that last one was kind of a downer, but at least the guys over at Polenar Tactical have put together the humorous video below to buoy our spirits in these trying times:

P.S. Almost forgot TALO posted a pic of the upcoming 50th Anniversary 10/22 Takedown complete with wood stock and quilted, leather-accented carrying case.

While I’ve had my eye on picking up this one lately, I can’t deny that the former is much prettier than its polymer-stocked sibling. Hat tip to the Firearm Blog again for this one.

P.P.S. Since I will shortly be in the market for some more ammo, it’s also worth taking a look at the new edition of their weekly price rundown.

So it’s come to this…

Well I really didn’t want to start off this way. In fact, I was planning to wait a little while (preferably forever) before getting into current events/political news, but sometimes you overhear or stumble upon something that is just so ridiculous that you would be derelict in your duties as a rational human being if you did not speak out.

Remember, Citizens! Constant Vigilance!

Because some ideas are so stupid that to let them pass by without remark constitutes a crime against the intelligence of all, if only on the off chance that some may take our conspicuous silence as an indicator that those claims are to be accepted as credible.

First up; MSNBC blames the NRA for worsening Ebola pandemic.

TL;DR version: NRA opposition to anti-gun Surgeon General nominee has left ‘Murica defenseless in this, our hour of need.

Surprisingly they don’t come out and blame Open Carry Texas for bringing Ebola into our Chili’s and Targets and Chipotles, oh my! Which provides a handy segue into our next piece: Moms Demand SWATting.

TL;DR version: random Twitter supporters and commenters on the Moms Demand Action FB page advocate calling 911 on OCers (like Master and Blaster here) and reporting exaggerated claims of the sort that got John Crawford murdered in an Ohio Walmart by police acting on behalf of a similar call from Ronald Ritchie (remember that name).

While I don’t agree with the TTPs of Open Carry proponents and I’m not exactly brimming with sympathy for their activities, actively wishing death-by-cop on someone engaging in a behavior you find personally objectionable (much as I might find “vaping,” reality television, or diet soda) seems a bit… extreme. Not to get too heavy with the TJ quotes right off the bat, but a reminder seems in order:

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” – Thomas Jefferson

Fortunately, my own extremely casual perusal of the MDA Facebook page turned up no such remarks, but it did display the requisite hand-wringing, “think of the children-ing”, and tap dancing in the blood of the victims from last Tuesday’s twin school shootings. It also revealed a lot of lulzy pictures of presumably grown women cutting up their Kroeger cards, hash-tagging their receipts from competing chains, convincing their health care providers to ask invasive questions about how many guns are in the homes of new parents, and, finally, tweeting their outrage at ineffectual duck-and-cover active shooter drills (they may actually have a point on this last one, although for very different reasons).