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“The 5 Most Overrated Guns of All Time”

Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media posted an interesting piece of clickbait/S-rank trolling yesterday. My list would look somewhat different but I can’t disagree with his choices, except maybe the Luger (do anyone outside of collectors/closeted Nazi fetishists still think that P08s are cool? All I can think of are srs historical gun collectors and these guys). The FB thread where Caleb posted the article has spawned the predictable complaints and jimmy-rustling that I guess he hoped for.

This is easily my favorite

My list would look something like this:

1) John Browning’s beloved 1911: Not to take anything away from the genius of the design that continues to influence basically all pistols, but you can’t argue that the it isn’t dated compared to more modern designs. The original old school sights are garbage, but it’s limited capacity as a big bore single stack is the primary (huge, glaring) flaw today. The fact that CAG/ACE/whatever Jedi-level SOF have moved away from the design should be a clue, but there will always be derpy commentators out there repeating the same worn out Cooperisms about mythical “one-shot stops,” “low capacity only matters if you plan to miss a lot,” and of course “they all fall to hardball.” But I guess the number of people willing to pony up thousands of dollars for Wilsons, Nighthawks, Les Baers, et al. shows no signs of dissipating, so long live the “king of the feedway stoppage.”

2) Glock Perfection: The flipside of the above mentioned coin for those who respond to criticism of the 1911 with cries of “just buy a Glock.” Nope. The OEM sights are still garbage, and Glock fumbled their selling point of “bulletproof reliability” pretty badly IMHO with the earlier (pre-Gen 4) .40 cal models and newer 3rd Gen 9s like mine. And the less said about .45 GAP, the better.

3) Everything Caleb said about the M14: Every. Single. Word.

4) SKS: Everything that can be said about the M14 (e.g. incredibly short service life aside from certain ceremonial units) goes double for the SKS, with some additional caveats all its own. The SKS has even lower standard capacity than the M14, with the extra downside of using an internal magazine that must be topped off with stripper clips. The M14 at least gets a little extra oomph from its 7.62N caliber, whereas the SKS is limited to the same M43 rounds as its bigger, better brother the AK. And the SKS isn’t even accurate enough to be used as a DMR like the retrofitted M14s used by the US. The only thing that keeps it from being bumped up to the #3 spot is that (as Caleb also pointed out) the SKS seems to be less popular now that prices have tripled compared to when I bought a M59/66 years ago. It’s still a gun for poor people though, and everyone can agree that the opinions of poor people don’t matter.

5) Mosins: Caleb is on point here as well. Just because some people with lots of skill and trigger time can make 1000yd shots doesn’t mean that throwing an Archangel stock and NCStar scope on your C&R piece is going to turn you into Vasily Zaitsev or Simo Hayha. It’s a gun for people who really liked Enemy at the Gates for some reason, and for those who don’t have the patience to save up for a Ruger American.

Dishonorable mentions: bullpups and PDWs (looking at you, FN P90), DA revolvers bigger than a J-frame snub, and anything in .40 S&W.


Thursday; Packing/Unpacking and Two Videos

A package from Midway USA arrived at my door today with a Glock spring loaded bearing I’ve been needing, along with some B-8 Repair Centers. Still waiting on my new extractor to finish (hopefully) fixing the issues with my G19, but I won’t get to check it out for a little while yet as I’m in the process of packing for a backpacking trip with friends this weekend. Here’s a couple of videos that I found interesting this week:

1) Forgotten Weapons posted this piece examining a prototype Colt made to fill the SOCOM request for an Offensive Handgun Weapon System that ended up being won by H&K with the Mk. 23. It’s an interesting combination of time-tested features from 1911s, design elements borrowed from failures like the Double Eagle and All American 2000, and just plain weirdness like a spring-loaded, frame-mounted compensator for attaching a suppressor. While it’s no surprise that Colt’s entry lost, it still makes for a fascinating piece of SOF weapons history.

2) Trigger Time TV posted this video to their YouTube channel with Frank Proctor explaining the how’s and why’s of using a 50 yard zero and how to establish it from the ten yard line. I use a 50/pseudo-200 zero myself. While I’ve never tried it from 10 yds, I’ll be sure to try this technique the next time I confirm zero.

Link Dump, Historical Odds & Ends

1) Gizmodo put up some amazing pictures of the Blue Angels at SF Fleet Week:

Srsly amazing

More behind the link.

2) More low level fly-bys over at Last Stand on Zombie Island. Most eye catching was this one:

Because flying over bridges is for Capitalist pig-dogs…

Casual research seems to indicate that the picture in question was a victim of some Soviet-era airbrushing (they had a lot of practice with that sort of thing), but not outright ‘shopped. On top of which, the story itself checks out.

3) The Firearm Blog has this piece about the IRA’s improvised recoilless cookie cannon. The ingenuity that went into these is fascinating.

4) Another weird historical oddity courtesy of Forgotten Weapons; a Finnish Suomi SMG with under barrel flamethrower.


5) Reaching a little further back, I can’t remember where I found this imgur photoset looking down the sights of historic military firearms, but it sure is interesting to see how many you can identify without looking at the captions.

6) Going waaaay back now, I got this link from the Knight’s Armament FB page to demonstrations of fighting and mobility in 15th century suits of armor. It’s quite impressive to see how quickly and easily the wearers can move while wearing what appears to be fairly ungainly armor, at least compared to my own experience with IBAs, IOTVs and plate carriers.

7) Back to the present: SilencerCo has dropped another great video on their YouTube channel, with typical high production values, drool-inducing suppressors, and ’70s porno soundtrack.

Their A/V department is on point, as usual.

8) Jerking the Trigger posted this piece regarding the utility of the Law Tactical folding stock adapter for use with AR pistols. I definitely see the merit of the idea, although I don’t currently own an ARP or have needs to justify a PDW in my battery.

9) Outside magazine published a nicely done takedown of Jamie Smith, tactical Walter Mitty extraordinaire.

“At one point, Smith’s cell phone rang. Sanford recalled him turning away, saying, ‘Oh, I got to take this. It’s the number two guy for the FBI. I got a special case I’m working for them.'”

Saturday Link Dump

1) From Last Stand on Zombie Island comes this video of Russian teens practicing assembly/disassembly of AKs for a school “Patriot” contest:

FWIW, this makes me really want an AK to play with.

2) From the AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 channel on YouTube, we get another interesting AK video on how to fire in “Emergency Mode,” sans dust cover, recoil spring, etc.

It’s nice to see that at least some Spetznaz dudes pay lip service to safety issues and PPE (insert still of Sonny Puzikas dual-wielding at right angles).

3) The Firearm Blog has an interesting piece going into some detail on the painful phenomenon known as “Garand Thumb.”

Like Laika, Comrade sacrificed himself for Science!

4) Kyle Defoor auctioned off his handbuilt BCM AR today to benefit the Elder Heart charity organization. Looks like the winner paid $15k even for it, which seems like a steal. Hope he saved some cash for an optic and sling.

5) Since it’s already been trumpeted all over the gunblogosphere this week, I feel obligated to include the link to a Sheepdog(TM) who was relieved of his shiny new toy by some guy who was less than impressed by his Openly Carried P22. One detail that I feel has been overlooked is how helpful the victim’s description of his assailant’s weapon should prove to investigators:

“The weapon he used in the robbery was described as a possibly semi-automatic, black gun.” – THE NEWS

Well, that oughta help narrow it down.

6) How competent, benevolent, and not at all corrupt governments can waste half a billion dollars in aid this week:

Exhibit A – The Air Force is under investigation into why the Defense Logistics Agency recently destroyed $486 million worth of aircraft (16x C-27s) provided for the Afghan government. The return on that particular investment? $32,000 worth of scrap metal.

Net loss for those keeping score at home = $485,968,000.00

Exhibit B – Meanwhile in Sierra Leone, a CONEX containing “100 bags and boxes of hospital linens, 100 cases of protective suits, 80 cases of face masks and other items — in all, more than $140,000 worth of medical equipment” donated for the Ebola crisis (the ongoing one you may have heard about with a 4,000+ death toll worldwide) has sat rotting on the docks for two months because the shipper “expected the shipping fee of $6,500 would be a small detail for Sierra Leone.”

According to the official, the government has already received well over $40 million in cash from international donors to fight Ebola.

The shipping company, as a good-will gesture in a moment of crisis, had agreed to send the goods without being paid first…

Instead, top government officials argued over the fee, said that the proper procedures had not been followed, and finally brushed aside the official urging that the supplies be let in, saying they wanted to hear nothing more about it.

Ibrahim Kamara, a Sierra Leonean in Canada who has put together what he says is a $55,000 container of medical supplies, said that he was now encountering the same problems with the government — an unwillingness to pay the $5,000 shipping fee.

It just goes on like this, in pathetic fashion, for well over a thousand words. Please do read the whole thing.

7) Okay, so that last one was kind of a downer, but at least the guys over at Polenar Tactical have put together the humorous video below to buoy our spirits in these trying times:

P.S. Almost forgot TALO posted a pic of the upcoming 50th Anniversary 10/22 Takedown complete with wood stock and quilted, leather-accented carrying case.

While I’ve had my eye on picking up this one lately, I can’t deny that the former is much prettier than its polymer-stocked sibling. Hat tip to the Firearm Blog again for this one.

P.P.S. Since I will shortly be in the market for some more ammo, it’s also worth taking a look at the new edition of their weekly price rundown.

Leftovers – Weekend Reading List Edition

1) Mike Pannone wrote a great piece over at Soldier Systems Saturday on the difference between “looking” and “seeing” as it applies to conducting a rote scan and assess (among other things). I was very much reminded of somethings Frank Proctor had to say about “being aggressive with seeing” on this episode of Ballistic Radio a while back.

2) Almost forgot to link to this great short doc remembering Operation Gothic Serpent AKA Black Hawk Down AKA the Battle of Mogadishu from the OAF Facebook page.

Week’s End – 05OCT2014

Starting with an iPhone shot from this past Tuesday’s impromptu solo range trip.

Shooting rifle and pistol at steel in BLM desert

Things to do in the coming week:

1) Finally finish reading The Lion’s Gate. It’s been sitting at fifty-some percent complete on my Kindle for far too long now.

2) Order a set of Magpul MBUS Pro folding sights for the AR. Also pick up some more B-8 Repair Centers.

3) Install and zero the aforementioned irons. Work on not sucking so much with pistol. Probably shoot Dot Torture to benchmark where I’m at. Maybe try the rifle version posted by Nate over at MCC if time allows.

4) In the same spirit as the above, I need to take the time to dry fire much more regularly. I’ve slacked off over the summer and this deficiency has shown itself in all aspects of my shooting.

5) Check out the Thursday night steel match at Phoenix Rod & Gun.

Deep breath. Another one in the books.