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Picture of the Day: EDC Pocket Dump

Contents listed below in no particular order.

Folder: Zero Tolerance 0350TS serrated. I picked this up about a year ago as a replacement for the Emerson, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. A little too heavy, not as easy to open (although it has slicked up with use), sticks out a little too much from the pocket. I chose it over the ZT 0300 series because the blade on all of those I handled opened far too slowly for my taste, and I prefer G10 scales all around. I also favor Benchmade’s Axis lock, but I’m not worried about the liner lock on this one failing as it is built like the proverbial tank (a very, very small tank).

Wallet: Saddleback Leather Co. Christmas gift from the wife a couple years back. Highly recommended.

Bandana: Always have one, even if you don’t use it as a snot rag.

Keys: I try to keep this to a minimum. Truck, house, gym scan card thing, Princeton Tec Pulsar II LED keychain light. That’s pretty much it.

Watch: Seiko dive watch with NATO band. I wore a spendy Casio Pathfinder in Afghanistan that I picked up for about 90% off at a REI garage sale. Per the tag, the original owner returned it when they couldn’t figure out how to set the date and time zone. It worked great for about a year, until it turned out not to be water resistant to the depth of a friend’s swimming pool. While the extra features of an ABC watch are certainly useful, this meets my current needs quite nicely. Plus, IMO the Pepsi bevel just looks cool.

Phone: iPhone 5 in Lifeproof case. Not pictured, obviously.

Lighter: Full size Bic in high vis yellow.

Belt: Wilderness Original Instructor belt with CSM polymer inserts that make it rigid as hell. Purchased on pre-deployment leave at the same time as the Emerson, direct from the Wilderness store. I’ve never clipped in with mine, or done any OAF shenanigans other than carrying a gat for CCW and replacing my issued rigger’s belt. A friend of mine with the 5-stitch model did have to use his as a makeshift tourniquet for a through-and-through GSW to the leg (entry and exits to the thigh and calf respectively, 4 new holes in total). Obviously not as good as having a CAT handy, but he’s still walking around, so now you have a testimonial that it works for that, too.

Sunglasses: Generic mirrored aviators. Picked these up for $10 at a surplus store to replace my 3yo ESS 5Bs that got too scratched up. I’ll eventually put in an order with Oakley SI, but these will work until then.


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

As promised, I went to the gun show this morning in Glendale. As this was my first show in a few years (I think Rep. Giffords was still in office and pro-2A the last time I went), it was an opportunity to get reacquainted with the whole scene.

Crossroads of the West used to be the bigger gun show that came to town and was held at the Phoenix Fairgrounds. Due to the state fair going on right now, it was moved to University of Phoenix Stadium. I’m not sure if it was originally supposed to be larger before the change of venue, but the result was about 1/6 the size and correspondingly reduced number of vendors/booths/tables that I remember from shows past. Meanwhile, the price has gone up from $10-12 back in the day AKA 4-5 years ago (IIRC) to $17 this morning. So it looks like my gun show dollar isn’t going as far as it used to (paying 141.6% of the price for 16.6% of the goods, if my math holds up).

Quality also seemed down overall from what I remember. But rather than dwell on the rows upon rows of dollar store knives, no name optics, and knock off gear, I’ll run down the bright side:

1) I don’t think I saw a single Colt 6920 going for over $1K.
2) Lots of nice milsurps around, especially Garands and Springfields.
3) Plenty of cool old pistols also, including a decent Savage 1907 (although I’m more of a Colt Pocket Hammerless kinda guy) and a pretty good Union Switch & Signal 1911.

I didn’t see my unicorn AKA PTR 32KFR, or even the threaded 10/22 Takedown I’ve been looking out for. Good prices were to be had on CZ and HK pistols I was interested in, but I’m not in the buyer’s market right now*. Ammo prices were okay, and at least J&G still had plenty of 7N6 for sale. I did try to check out the new Kershaw/Emerson folders but what I saw didn’t impress me as a potential cheap replacement for my CQC-7. The search goes on.

*Things to do before I let myself buy another gat: new tires for my bike (since the cool fall weather means I’m out of excuses not to ride to school), new extractor/ejector/etc. for the problematic G19, a real-deal shot timer, a new EDC folder or just pony up for a replacement blade from Emerson, more 9mm and 5.56 ball, Oh, shit! I never did get those BUIS for the AR, and of course I could always use more magazines…

It never ends. One more for the books.

Picture of the Day

Knife, Folding, Best Ever – 1 ea.

I purchased the above secondhand from a local SWAT cop while I was home on leave after losing a Benchmade Griptilian. Sadly, I broke about 1/8″ off the tip on the tail end of deployment by using it to unscrew an overly tight ACOG mount. My fault, use the right tool for the job, et cetera, ad nauseam.

It was promptly retired, but nothing I have used since has had the same combination of features (field-repairable Phillips screws, smooth and reliable operation with a solid lockup, relatively lightweight and overall slimness) that made it so appealing. It is the foremost example in my mind of a simple tool done completely right, and it deserves better than to rust away in a drawer.

More to follow.