Friday Recap

Well somehow I made it all the way to Friday without posting here. For shame.

I received 1k of 9mm from Freedom Munitions on Monday and got to try it out on Tuesday. So far FM is living up to their reputation for making quality practice ammo at prices that undercut most everyone else. I only went through about 170 rounds but accuracy was good and reliability was 100%. Some credit is also due to the Apex extractor and other parts that were replaced and seem to have fixed the G19’s FTE issues completely. It even passed the 10-8 extractor test where it couldn’t before, FWIW.

I also put some more rounds through the AR and got to stretch the red dot on steel out to ~165m (I paced it off, no rangefinder). While I qualed in OSUT with a CCO out to 300m, I exclusively used ACOGs on M4s once I got to Big Army, except for the M145 when I was a SAW gunner (worst optic ever, BTW). Since that was 4 years ago, I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve done much distance shooting with a red dot. While I was able to make good hits, I think that I need to repaint the steel in a different color since it was somewhat difficult to pick up visually against the mountain/backstop.

I also really need to get a good shot timer so I can reliably gauge my performance on drills like the FAST test. The current crop of iPhone apps I’ve tried can’t seem to pick up all of my shots reliably. Adjusting sensitivity and having a friend hold the phone next to me or placing it on a table at my side made no difference.

I did notice that when trying a variety of other handguns (my buddy’s 1911, FN, and SIG), that they all feel really weird in my hands now. It’s been several months since I’ve shot anything other than some flavor of Glocks, and I guess that muscle memory is having some negative effects as well.

I continue to struggle with pistol marksmanship and gun handling skills more than anything else, and I’m still embarrassing myself with Dot Torture. I attribute this to a lack of serious training with handguns in my youth, followed by a big gap in my experience during my time in the .mil when I hardly shot one at all. The last month and a half with the G19 down for repairs hasn’t helped either. Hopefully I can get out again next week and bring my scores back up.


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