Glock Fix, Pt. 1 – Replacing the ejector

I’ve been admittedly distracted lately since I picked up the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for my now outdated Xbox 360, but yesterday I received a package from Brownells containing a Glock Gen 4 “Trigger Housing with Ejector” (part #30275). The other parts I ordered from different vendors are still en route, but I decided to go ahead with the ejector swap.

Google brought me here, which is pretty good for the broad strokes with the added step of switching out the ejectors before replacing the original trigger housing. Since the step-by-step details can be found elsewhere, I’ll skip through that to show the differences between the old and new ejectors (with apologies for my poor iPhone photography skills).

Old part on the left, new one on the right, connector and pin above

Note the slightly different shape between the Gen 3 housing and the Gen 4, particularly the “feet” at the bottom that prevent the newer parts from being used in an older frame. The 30274 ejector geometry looks to sit lower, more towards the rim of the cartridge, and is noticeably beefier in design. This should fix the erratic ejection issues I’ve been having, but I will go ahead and replace the extractor as well to prevent further FTEs.


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