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Glock Fix, Pt. 2 – Replacing the Extractor & Spring Loaded Bearing

So after a couple weeks with no new extractor showing up at my door, I emailed the folks over at Apex Tactical Specialties to check on my order’s status. After a minimal amount of back and forth we were able to figure out what happened, and without further prompting Apex went ahead and resent the whole thing through a different carrier and forwarded me the updated tracking information (and ignored my offer to pay for re-shipping the order). I was able to track the delivery while I was out of town celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family, and we arrived home this afternoon to find the little brown envelope in our mailbox at last.

The receipt, with a little something extra added

Something extra

I won’t go through the process of how to swap an extractor and spring loaded bearing as it’s explained in plenty of detail and probably better than I could elsewhere on the internet.

1100 rounds in

New parts on right side, old parts on the left

The new spring loaded bearing is obviously longer than the original. Less apparent from the photo is how much beefier the Apex spring is than the OEM model. The improved geometry of the Apex extractor over the Glock part is promising.

I’ve got 1k of new Freedom Munitions 115gr FMJ coming that should be here on Monday, and then I’ll be able to get it wrung out and see if this fixes my G19 issues for good.

P.S. I didn’t take advantage of any Black Friday deals, although I am sorely tempted by Geissele Automatics offering their G2S trigger for only $115.


Tuesday; R&R

Back from the weekend spent backpacking in the Superstitions. It was a good trip, and over too soon (as usual). I can’t wait to get back out there.

Dropped the wife off at the airport this morning for a convention in DC so I have the run of the house for the next few days (I’ve already ordered pizza and hopelessly lost the remote). Right now I’m catching up on Netflix, playing around with the AR setup, and getting gear cleaned and organized for next time. Still no new extractor for the 19, hopefully it shows up tomorrow.

Thursday; Packing/Unpacking and Two Videos

A package from Midway USA arrived at my door today with a Glock spring loaded bearing I’ve been needing, along with some B-8 Repair Centers. Still waiting on my new extractor to finish (hopefully) fixing the issues with my G19, but I won’t get to check it out for a little while yet as I’m in the process of packing for a backpacking trip with friends this weekend. Here’s a couple of videos that I found interesting this week:

1) Forgotten Weapons posted this piece examining a prototype Colt made to fill the SOCOM request for an Offensive Handgun Weapon System that ended up being won by H&K with the Mk. 23. It’s an interesting combination of time-tested features from 1911s, design elements borrowed from failures like the Double Eagle and All American 2000, and just plain weirdness like a spring-loaded, frame-mounted compensator for attaching a suppressor. While it’s no surprise that Colt’s entry lost, it still makes for a fascinating piece of SOF weapons history.

2) Trigger Time TV posted this video to their YouTube channel with Frank Proctor explaining the how’s and why’s of using a 50 yard zero and how to establish it from the ten yard line. I use a 50/pseudo-200 zero myself. While I’ve never tried it from 10 yds, I’ll be sure to try this technique the next time I confirm zero.

Glock Fix, Pt. 1 – Replacing the ejector

I’ve been admittedly distracted lately since I picked up the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for my now outdated Xbox 360, but yesterday I received a package from Brownells containing a Glock Gen 4 “Trigger Housing with Ejector” (part #30275). The other parts I ordered from different vendors are still en route, but I decided to go ahead with the ejector swap.

Google brought me here, which is pretty good for the broad strokes with the added step of switching out the ejectors before replacing the original trigger housing. Since the step-by-step details can be found elsewhere, I’ll skip through that to show the differences between the old and new ejectors (with apologies for my poor iPhone photography skills).

Old part on the left, new one on the right, connector and pin above

Note the slightly different shape between the Gen 3 housing and the Gen 4, particularly the “feet” at the bottom that prevent the newer parts from being used in an older frame. The 30274 ejector geometry looks to sit lower, more towards the rim of the cartridge, and is noticeably beefier in design. This should fix the erratic ejection issues I’ve been having, but I will go ahead and replace the extractor as well to prevent further FTEs.

Election Day 2014

Not much new to report, but at least I voted today. Still busier than hell, but that should change soon. Elsewhere, I’m officially a paid writer now! Not enough to quit my day job, but every little bit helps. Come to think of it, I need a new day job now, too…

I’ve been itching to get out even more than usual lately. Plans are in the works for a big camping trip with friends down near Tucson in a couple of weeks, and maybe we can fit some range time in then, as well.

I also finally got around to ordering the replacement parts to (hopefully) fix the problem child G19. This weekend I’ll order some more ammo as well. More to follow on that.