Link Dump, Historical Odds & Ends

1) Gizmodo put up some amazing pictures of the Blue Angels at SF Fleet Week:

Srsly amazing

More behind the link.

2) More low level fly-bys over at Last Stand on Zombie Island. Most eye catching was this one:

Because flying over bridges is for Capitalist pig-dogs…

Casual research seems to indicate that the picture in question was a victim of some Soviet-era airbrushing (they had a lot of practice with that sort of thing), but not outright ‘shopped. On top of which, the story itself checks out.

3) The Firearm Blog has this piece about the IRA’s improvised recoilless cookie cannon. The ingenuity that went into these is fascinating.

4) Another weird historical oddity courtesy of Forgotten Weapons; a Finnish Suomi SMG with under barrel flamethrower.


5) Reaching a little further back, I can’t remember where I found this imgur photoset looking down the sights of historic military firearms, but it sure is interesting to see how many you can identify without looking at the captions.

6) Going waaaay back now, I got this link from the Knight’s Armament FB page to demonstrations of fighting and mobility in 15th century suits of armor. It’s quite impressive to see how quickly and easily the wearers can move while wearing what appears to be fairly ungainly armor, at least compared to my own experience with IBAs, IOTVs and plate carriers.

7) Back to the present: SilencerCo has dropped another great video on their YouTube channel, with typical high production values, drool-inducing suppressors, and ’70s porno soundtrack.

Their A/V department is on point, as usual.

8) Jerking the Trigger posted this piece regarding the utility of the Law Tactical folding stock adapter for use with AR pistols. I definitely see the merit of the idea, although I don’t currently own an ARP or have needs to justify a PDW in my battery.

9) Outside magazine published a nicely done takedown of Jamie Smith, tactical Walter Mitty extraordinaire.

“At one point, Smith’s cell phone rang. Sanford recalled him turning away, saying, ‘Oh, I got to take this. It’s the number two guy for the FBI. I got a special case I’m working for them.'”


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