PMCS Tracker

Here’s something I touched on yesterday. I keep a logbook in my range bag to note certain statistics during range sessions, and afterward I update an OpenOffice spreadsheet I keep around to track things such as:

1) Weapon Make, Model, and SN
2) Total Round Count
3) Modifications performed to the weapon, if any (e.g. replacement parts, change in sights/optics)
4) Maintenance performed, if any
5) Magazines used*
6) Round Count for the individual range session
7) Ammunition Manufacturer
8) Weight and Type of Ammunition used
9) Number of Malfunctions, if any
10) Further Notes (e.g. description of malfunctions, group size for rifles)

Tracking these numbers allows me to have a definitive answer to not only how many rounds the weapon has seen, but I can also follow performance trends like reliability, accuracy, and times across different modifications, maintenance intervals, ammunition manufacturers, bullet weights, and anything else I should care to take note of.

*In regards to #5, all of my magazines are marked and numbered with a colored paint pen. This allows me to diagnose any magazine-related malfunctions by noting the round count and number of the specific magazine in #10.

The results look something like this

In this case, we can see that the extraction/ejection issues have persisted since day one. I really should have replaced the applicable parts several hundred rounds ago, but I was interested to see if the issues would “settle down” over time. That has not been the case, as the frequency of malfunctions with my Glock 19 has drastically increased of late. It will be out of rotation until the repairs are made.

What statistics do you keep track of?


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