Sunday Leftovers

From down in Tucson comes this report of a cop coming under fire from a BG armed with a cutdown Mosin (AKA an Obrez).

The office in question “could not get to the rifle in his trunk* so he fired his handgun and was able to kill the man from about 65 feet away.” Nice pistol shooting, although the report does not say how many shots were fired in total. The ear witness interviewed in the story accounts for around fourteen, but does not differentiate between shots fired by the perp and those from the LEO. This also does not tell us how many times the shitbag was hit before assuming room temperature.

This shooting seems notable to me for two reasons:

1) The range of the shooting was beyond the FBI statistical magic number of seven yards.

2) Bad guy used a really stupid weapon, one described by the news (the station is called KGUN, not making this up) as “a rifle made for the military… a powerful military rifle of a type the Soviets used to use… design is about 120 years old but it fires a bigger bullet than the modern M-16.” And of course the kicker, “Police say their officer faced one sawed down to have a short barrel and stock.”

So far (knock on wood) no one has picked up on this incident as a reason to crack down on SBR ownership, or connected the “Obrez pistol” to other workarounds/BATFE troll bait like the SB-15 “stabilizing brace.” Who wants to bet this guy didn’t pay the applicable NFA taxes anyway? Or maybe he cut and rewelded the receiver to make it all on the legal up-and-up…

In any case, this image came up way too easily during a Google search for “Obrez Mosin Nagant,” and seems representative of the outside interests of those who think a sawed-off milsurp is a fitting weapon for anyone other than turn-of-the-last-century Cossacks or present-day Somali pirates

*Another article describes that the officer had turned his car around to face away from the suspect when the cruiser began receiving fire.


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