Week’s End – 05OCT2014

Starting with an iPhone shot from this past Tuesday’s impromptu solo range trip.

Shooting rifle and pistol at steel in BLM desert

Things to do in the coming week:

1) Finally finish reading The Lion’s Gate. It’s been sitting at fifty-some percent complete on my Kindle for far too long now.

2) Order a set of Magpul MBUS Pro folding sights for the AR. Also pick up some more B-8 Repair Centers.

3) Install and zero the aforementioned irons. Work on not sucking so much with pistol. Probably shoot Dot Torture to benchmark where I’m at. Maybe try the rifle version posted by Nate over at MCC if time allows.

4) In the same spirit as the above, I need to take the time to dry fire much more regularly. I’ve slacked off over the summer and this deficiency has shown itself in all aspects of my shooting.

5) Check out the Thursday night steel match at Phoenix Rod & Gun.

Deep breath. Another one in the books.


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