So it’s come to this…

Well I really didn’t want to start off this way. In fact, I was planning to wait a little while (preferably forever) before getting into current events/political news, but sometimes you overhear or stumble upon something that is just so ridiculous that you would be derelict in your duties as a rational human being if you did not speak out.

Remember, Citizens! Constant Vigilance!

Because some ideas are so stupid that to let them pass by without remark constitutes a crime against the intelligence of all, if only on the off chance that some may take our conspicuous silence as an indicator that those claims are to be accepted as credible.

First up; MSNBC blames the NRA for worsening Ebola pandemic.

TL;DR version: NRA opposition to anti-gun Surgeon General nominee has left ‘Murica defenseless in this, our hour of need.

Surprisingly they don’t come out and blame Open Carry Texas for bringing Ebola into our Chili’s and Targets and Chipotles, oh my! Which provides a handy segue into our next piece: Moms Demand SWATting.

TL;DR version: random Twitter supporters and commenters on the Moms Demand Action FB page advocate calling 911 on OCers (like Master and Blaster here) and reporting exaggerated claims of the sort that got John Crawford murdered in an Ohio Walmart by police acting on behalf of a similar call from Ronald Ritchie (remember that name).

While I don’t agree with the TTPs of Open Carry proponents and I’m not exactly brimming with sympathy for their activities, actively wishing death-by-cop on someone engaging in a behavior you find personally objectionable (much as I might find “vaping,” reality television, or diet soda) seems a bit… extreme. Not to get too heavy with the TJ quotes right off the bat, but a reminder seems in order:

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” – Thomas Jefferson

Fortunately, my own extremely casual perusal of the MDA Facebook page turned up no such remarks, but it did display the requisite hand-wringing, “think of the children-ing”, and tap dancing in the blood of the victims from last Tuesday’s twin school shootings. It also revealed a lot of lulzy pictures of presumably grown women cutting up their Kroeger cards, hash-tagging their receipts from competing chains, convincing their health care providers to ask invasive questions about how many guns are in the homes of new parents, and, finally, tweeting their outrage at ineffectual duck-and-cover active shooter drills (they may actually have a point on this last one, although for very different reasons).


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